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Funding Opportunities

Visit the SBIR/STTR Funding Portal to search topics and solicitations.

There are three types of topics: Specific, Open and Broad Topics.

Specific – Agencies that issue contracts determine the research topics that are tied to the mission of the agency.

Open – Congress authorized the Department of Defense to issue open topics.  This allows non-traditional innovative small businesses to propose their innovations that align with the mission of the Department of Defense.  Read the legislation.

Broad – Agencies that issue grants allow firms to propose their early-stage product R&D project that aligns with the mission of the agency. If you are seeking funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, search their Program Descriptions and Topics rather than using the database.

Stay informed by following the agency social media announcements and subscribe to agency listservs and newsletters to receive timely information about funding announcements and other critical programs offered by the agency.

It is strongly recommended to create and adopt a comprehensive and strategic approach to access federal research funding and capitalize on SBIR/STTR funding opportunities. Start your journey by searching topics and solicitations that match your early-stage product R&D plans. We recommend the creation of a 24-month actionable plan to target funding:

 Product R&D Alignment:

  • Ensure that the selected projects align with the firm’s product research and development (R&D) plan.
  • Demonstrate how the funded projects contribute to the overall growth and success of the firm.

Develop a Multi-Agency Strategy:

  • Develop a multi-agency strategy that involves targeting multiple federal agencies with relevant funding opportunities.
  • Diversify your portfolio by pursuing projects across different agencies to increase the chances of securing funding.
  • Create a pipeline of opportunities by continuously monitoring agency solicitations and researching upcoming funding opportunities.

Filter by Agency:

  • If you have specific agencies in mind, use the filtering options to focus on topics offered by those particular agencies.
  • This can help streamline your search and provide a more targeted list of potential funding sources.

Create a List of Opportunities:

  • As you identify relevant topics and agencies, create a list of potential funding opportunities for your research projects.
  • Note important details such as deadlines, eligibility criteria, and any specific requirements outlined in the solicitations.

Communication with the Agency:

  • Reach out to agency program managers, staff, etc. for additional insights and guidance.
  • Program managers can provide valuable information about the agency’s priorities and help you tailor your proposal accordingly.
  • Granting agencies allow communications at any time.
  • Contracting agencies have limitations, so check the agency requirements.

Capitalize on Flexibility:

  • Leverage the flexibility of SBIR/STTR programs, which don’t limit the number of awards or dollars a small business can receive.
  • Capitalize on this flexibility by pursuing multiple awards and maximizing the financial support available through these programs.

 Collaborations and Partnerships:

  • Explore collaborations and partnerships with research institutions, other businesses, or experts in the field to strengthen proposals and increase competitiveness.
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